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AIRAC AMDT 03/23 Publication date : 04 MAY 23 Effect date : 15 JUN 23.

1- New routes UZ111 and UZ888.
2- Corrections in list of page GEN 0.4
3- corrections to the ENR part, including :
- Change of symbol of the signifcant points in ENR 3 (ATS routes table).
- MAG BRG Correction in U/UA34, J/UJ41 and UN854 route segments.
Latest AIP SUP
03/23 New temporary runway threshold 26 at BEJAIA aerodrome and update of approach procedures for runway 26. CANCEL AND REPLACE 02/23 from : 28 MAY 23 at 04:00 to UFN
02/23 CANCELED New temporary runway threshold 26 at BEJAIA aerodrome and update of approach procedures for runway 26. from : 15 MAY 23 at 04:00 to UFN
AIP SUP 01/23 Illizi aerodrome : Installation and operation of a new RWY 04/22. from : 15 MAY 23 to UFN
AIP SUP 04/22 Oran aerodrome : Change in SIDs configuration from 22 AUG 22 to UFN
Latest AIC
AIC 03/23 Publication of the AIS products in English language.
AIC 02/23 AIC Checklist

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